Lavender & Mustard is born of over 20 years of food manufacturing experience. On the commercial side, we developed and perfected recipes for some of the largest supermarket and convenience chains, and gourmet food catalogs in the country. This allows us to deliver the finest gourmet frozen side dishes, appetizers and snacks, and entrees you can find online. We’ve dialed in the most successful recipes to create traditional favorites as well as unique gourmet food offerings that you will love. Through work and dedication, trial and error, and love for fine food we did all the work so you don’t have to. Just heat, serve, and enjoy!

What are Lavender & Mustard Products for?

Our extensive online menu is designed to help you plan events. Whether it is a holiday gathering, dinner party, or any other event our frozen appetizers and snacks, side dishes, and entrees are meant to take the hassle out of planning so you can simply heat and serve exquisite gourmet food. Don’t spend hours in the kitchen and with clean-up when you can provide lavish multi-course meals with proven recipes that are guaranteed to wow your guests. Just select your courses, order online, heat, serve, and devour!

Lavender & Mustard is also an excellent option for gifting food. Everyone loves gourmet food and with our broad menu of items you are sure to please gift recipients with dazzling, top quality foods that they simply heat and serve. Whether you’re finding a gift for the foodie in your life, a family that doesn’t have time to prepare wholesome, all-natural recipes, or simply showing love and support with the gift of gourmet food, Lavender & Mustard makes it easy to deliver delicious.