Carbohydrates get a bad rap these days, but the tide is turning back to realize the power of complex carbohydrates. Low carb diets still rely on meals with rich, all-natural complex carbs such as peas, beans, sweet potatoes, veggies and more to fuel the body and provide powerful nutrients. Whether your paleo or ketogenic, or just on a healthy diet, Lavender & Mustard has a collection of of healthy carb meals to accent larger entrees or fuel you through your next workout.

1 @ 35oz

Simplicity shines with sweet potato, leeks, and green peas roasted to perfection with coconut oil and topped with hints of salt and pepper.

1 @ 35oz

All-natural Yukon Gold potatoes, parsnip, and salsify are roasted and hand-mashed to create a healthy, creamy alternative to mashed potatoes.

1 @ 35oz

Fingerling Potato, caramelized leeks, and shitake mushrooms combine with olive oil, garlic, and seasoning for a light and healthy dish.